Council Tax Reduction scheme – consultation on proposed changes

Please note this consultation closes on 1st December 2017.

What is Council Tax Reduction?

Council Tax Reduction is a local scheme to help “working age” residents to pay their Council Tax if they are on a low income or claiming other benefits.

Residents of pensionable age are covered by a different, national, scheme and will not be affected by these proposals.

Why is the Council Tax Reduction scheme changing?

The Council scheme for “working age” residents began in 2013/14, when the Government’s Revenue Support Grant to the Council met the full cost of the scheme. Since then the amount of Revenue Support Grant has reduced year on year, and it is expected that by 2020/21 it will cease entirely.

The year on year reduction in the Revenue Support Grant makes it increasingly difficult for the Council to continue to meet the cost of the current scheme. Council services are already under significant pressure to make financial savings, and this is likely to continue for some years to come.

The Council remains committed to helping those residents suffering severe financial hardship, within the funding it has available. The proposed changes to the scheme, detailed by following the link below, are intended to reduce the cost of the scheme, make the scheme easier to administer, and ensure that the available funding is used to help those claimants in greatest financial need.

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