Policies and Procedures

This section details some of the fundamental rules in which Manningham Housing Association governs itself to ensure transparency to its customers.

  • Constitutional Documents:
    • Our Rules
  • Governance manuals:
    • Governance Standards
  • Corporate Policies:
    • Gifts and Hospitality Policy
    • Fraud Policy and Procedure
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Expenses Policy for the MHA Board.

Openness and Transparency

One of the areas in which we want to develop and improve in is our level of openness and transparency. We want to ensure that that we are transparent with all our customers in the way we work.

This is why we will openly publish key documents and policies allowing you to scrutinise the way in which we work and to help us improve the ways in which we do things.

In this section you can find the legal structure in which MHA and its’ subsidiary operates and our key financial and performance reports.

Legal Structure

  • The way in which the legal structure is incorporated and its legal status can be summarised as follows:

Manningham Housing Association is incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society (registered number 25548R). It has charitable status but, because it is an Industrial and Provident Society, it is exempt from registration with the Charity Commission – it is a ‘”charity” but not a “registered charity.”

Manningham Housing Association is a Registered Social Landlord – Homes and Communities Agency (HCA registered number L3736) and it submits detailed accounts to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as well as the HCA.