Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

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Equality and Diversity is at the heart of our organisation. It is integral to what we do and in how we engage with our customers. Everything we do is linked to what our customers and clients need. MHA serves the diverse communities of Bradford and Keighley and many of our customers are from minority ethnic communities. We exist to meet the needs of these disadvantaged communities, ensuring that our customers are treated fairly and equally. As a result, we encourage our colleagues, suppliers and partners to embrace our approach to equality and diversity.

Manningham seeks to build upon our very strong foundation of equality and diversity to deliver our Mission. Our mission is “to improve people’s lives by providing good quality homes for those who need them and a range of services aimed at maximising enjoyment of the home and the local area and enhancing independence and quality of life.”

How we achieve this

We want to be an organisation in which no-one experiences discrimination or disadvantage. This is true for our customers, our colleagues and our suppliers and partners.

To achieve this:

  • We challenge discrimination, address disadvantage and take positive action
  • Through the committed leadership of our Board and executive team
  • Equality and Diversity is an integral part of our business
  • We appreciate and understand our customers have different needs and through our Customer Panel and other involvement work we will identify how we can better meet the needs of customers and better improve our services
  • We value diversity of our colleagues and we will make sure they are equipped with the skills to deliver on our promises
  • Together, we use our talent and experiences to make a real difference to our customers and the neighbourhoods in which we work
  • We openly communicate in a clear and effective way to ensure that we are an inclusive organisation
  • Equality and diversity is everyone’s responsibility. Our entire organisation recognises and places a value on diversity, championing equality and challenging discriminating behaviour wherever it may occur.


Our colleagues are essential to the delivery of services that support our commitment to equality and diversity. All colleagues receive training so that they understand the way they need to work to support customers and their colleagues. We are committed to improving services, reducing inequality and enabling colleagues to deliver our business strategy and organisational goals.

Finally, MHA aims to have a workforce reflecting the customers we serve. All our jobs are advertised appropriately and recruitment and selection is carefully monitored to ensure that our processes are fair and consistent. We will always recruit the best person for the job. Our policies are regularly reviewed to ensure they are fair and reflect best practice. All colleagues who report any form of discrimination at work are supported.

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Partners and Suppliers

Partner and supplier service is monitored to ensure quality is delivered and that the needs of customers are met.