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How can I pay my rent?

Your rent pays for most of the services you receive from Manningham Housing Association. Without you paying your rent, we could not provide you a housing service.

To pay your rent by making a secure online payment through the allpay website please
click here.

You can also pay your rent via any of the following payment methods:

  • Cash at MHA’s office (due to the office closure because of the pandemic, we are not taking cash payments)
  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Orders
  • ALLPAY Card – a payment card that can be used to pay at any pay point
  • ALLPAY App – to pay online using your Debit card
  • Debit Card Payment at our office or over the phone
  • You can make a payment via online banking to Manningham Housing.
    Our Bank details are:
    Account number: 320 277 61
    Sort Code: 56-00-36
    Please make sure to quote your tenancy reference number.
  • Alternatively for further financial advice contact Bradford Credit Union – they offer various ways to pay by helping you to spread payments.

All contact with Manningham Housing will need to be either by telephone on 01274 771144 or by email at Due to potential staff shortages, it may take us a little longer than usual to respond to your inquiry.

Your office is closed, how can I pay my rent?

If you are self-isolating or unable to get access your usual payment outlet due to it being closed there are several alternative ways you can pay your rent to us, these include:

By Phone – You can still ring up on 01274 771144 and make debit card payments over the telephone Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Please ensure you have your debit card at hand.

Online – If you have internet banking, you can pay your rent online any time. Please ensure you have your debit card and your tenancy 6-digit reference number, which can be found on top left of your statement.

You can make a payment via online banking to Manningham Housing.

Our Bank details are:

Account number: 320 277 61

Sort Code: 56-00-36

ALLPAY Card – Payments card be used at any Pay Point

ALLPAY APP – Pay online using your debit card

 Direct Debit – Paying by Direct Debit is the easiest way of ensuring your rent is paid on time. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a day that suits you. Ring 01274 771144 and ask to speak to a member of the Income Team.

I have had to self-isolate and have no income, do I still have to pay my rent?

 If you are off work or your hours have been reduced, you still need to continue to make payments towards your rent.

You will need to make a claim for benefits help to pay your rent for the period that you are not in work.

I am no longer working due to Coronavirus, what are my options?

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme The government has announced that it will subsidise 80% of wages for all employees also known as “furloughed workers”. This is to help employers retain their staff. Speak to your employer first to find out if they are part of this scheme
  • SSP – You’ll get statutory sick pay (SSP) if you’re considered unfit for work due to having coronavirus or have had to self-isolate, and earn above £118 per week (£120 from April 2020)

SSP (rate is £94.25 & £95.85 from 6 April 2020 – up to a maximum of 28 weeks) is claimed via your employer plus any entitlement to contractual sick pay (if available) will be paid from the first day of sickness absence, rather than the fourth day. This will be paid as per your usual salary payment cycles.

If you have COVID-19 or are advised to stay at home, you can get an ‘isolation note’ by visiting NHS 111 online, rather than visiting a doctor.

If you are not eligible for SSP, your employer must give you a form SSP1 explaining why, and you can make a claim for Universal Credit.

  • Coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme – a taxable grant will be paid to the self-employed or partnerships (trading for at least 1 year), worth 80% of their profits up to a cap of £2,500 per month. This will be available for three months in one lump-sum payment and will start to be paid from the beginning of June. HMRC will identify those eligible and will invite applications.

 In the meantime, the self-employed can apply for ESA If you are ill or self-isolating or looking after a child who is ill or self-isolating. If you have less than £16,000 in savings and low income you may qualify for Universal Credit and Council Tax Support whilst you wait for your Self-employed Income Support Grant.

  • Universal Credit – If you are not currently in receipt of any benefits and/or have been made redundant or your earnings have been reduced, you can make an online claim for Universal Credit for help with living expenses and rent. Due to Coronavirus you will not need to go to the Jobcentre, and you can request an UC Advance payment, which is a loan payable via deductions in your monthly entitlements. (See Council Tax)
  • New Style ESA: If you are yourself sick with coronavirus or are self-isolating because a member of your household is sick, you may be able to get New Style Employment and Support Allowance. People who need to claim ESA because of Coronavirus will NOT be required to produce a Fit Note. However, you can NOT claim ESA whilst still on SSP.
  • New Style JSA – If you are not able to work because of the need to maintain social distancing, and/or are not able to work because you have to look after your children, you will not be treated as unwell. 

If you have been working and have paid National Insurance contributions between April 2017 and April 2019, you may be able to claim New Style Jobseekers Allowance in addition to the Universal Credit.

  • Council Tax Reduction If you claim Universal Credit, you must still make a separate claim for Council Tax Reduction from the council online. If you are the only adult living in your property, remember to apply for a council tax Single Person Discount too.

I don’t want to make a claim to Universal Credit, can I just make a claim Housing Benefit because I am on Tax Credits already?

All new claims for housing costs (rent) now go through the Universal Credit system, so applying for HB is not an option for new claimants.

I am currently on benefit’s; do I need to report any change of circumstances?

  • Housing Benefit: If you already claiming HB, report your change of circumstances to Bradford council URGENTLY and you may get more money towards your rent.
  • Council Tax – Report change of circumstances to Bradford council benefits department and you may qualify for extra support.
  • Universal Credit: you will need to tell them of the change of circumstances via your online journal.

Is there any support available through Manningham Housing Association?

  • If you are worried about falling into arrears, please speak to our Income Team as soon as you can.
  • If you require individual benefits advice, ask to speak to Faisal Khan, our Welfare Benefits & Financial Support Officer.
  • You can contact the team on 01274 771144. We are here to help and support you.

Useful contacts for support

Benefit check:

What is Universal Credit:

Universal Credit helpline: 0800 328 5644

Universal Credit – new applications:

Universal Credit – report changes: – make a note on your journal

Bradford Council Housing Benefit department: 01274 43 27 72

Bradford Council – report change of circumstances online:

Bradford Council – Council Tax Reduction

Tax Credits Helpline: 0345 300 3900

Citizens Advice (Bradford): 0344 245 1282

Citizen Advice UC Helpline: 0800 144 8 444

Step Change for debt advice: 0800 138 1111


Our Team

Mansha Khan, Income Management Team Leader

Zahid Hafajee, Income Officer

Service Standards

  • If you are worried about paying your rent on time, please get in touch with our Income Management team as soon as possible and they will provide you with support: click here for more information on Income Management.
  • We respond to any requests for refunds within 28 days.
  • To make it as simple as possible for you to pay your rent we offer several ways to pay. For more information on these services see our leaflet below:

Housing benefit

If you are struggling to pay your rent because you are on a low income or are unemployed, you may be entitled to housing benefit. You will need to submit a claim form to Bradford Council’s Housing Benefits Team. Our Income Management Team will be able to advise you about applying for housing benefit.


If you fail to pay your rent we will:

  • Contact you to talk about your rent arrears.
  • Offer you advice and support, to try and come to an arrangement with you about how you will clear the debt.
  • Offer welfare advice and suggest ways to maximise your income.
  • Check you are getting the right amount of housing benefit, if you are already claiming.
  • In most cases we will be able to help you, and by taking early action you may be able to avoid court proceedings and extra costs. We are reluctant to take legal action and will only do so if necessary. Talk to us if you are worried. If you’re finding it hard to pay your rent, please contact our Income team who are committed to supporting customers who may be in difficulty.

Click here to Contact the team. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help you to sort it.

Legal Action

Legal action may include county court judgments, possession orders or even eviction from your home. This process would be stopped if you pay your rent and maintain your arrangement to clear arrears.

If you end your tenancy owing rent arrears, you will be referred to our specialist team who will make an arrangement with you to clear the debt. If the property is left abandoned, our team will take action to trace you to recover the debt.

Future Rent Increases

If you are unhappy with the proposed rent increase, you can refer to an independent body known as the Rent Assessment Committee. They will decide the maximum rent that we will charge for the following year. There are usually three people on the committee – a solicitor, a valuer and a layperson. They will meet to decide if your rent is fair based on the Government formula rent.

Their decision is final and you cannot appeal against it.