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Before reporting a repair please click here to check which repairs you are responsible for carrying out yourself.

Following the government announcement last night about the new national lockdown we have reviewed what work we have reviewed the services we are able to continue delivering our customers as follows:

  • Essential health and safety work in your home.  This includes gas servicing, fire safety checks & maintenance, electrical inspections, and lifts servicing.  These checks are essential to ensure that your home remains as safe as possible and ask that you help us by allowing access to your home when we need to.
  • Emergency only repairs and maintenance services including emergency out of hours service during evenings and weekends.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to non-emergency repairs.  To keep you, your families, and our contractors safe, we need to minimise the number of people coming into your home.
  • Homes which are currently undergoing major works such as kitchen, boiler and door/window replacements will continue to have this work completed until all the work is finished.
  • Our Income and Financial support team will be available to help you if you do have difficulties in paying your rent.  The team is there to help you if you are having any financial difficulties and need any support and guidance.
  • Estate Caretaking services will continue as normal as well as cleaning services
  • Our Community Investment team will be offering health and wellbeing, employment, community cohesion workshops and activities during this difficult time.  These services have been developed to help our tenants and the wider Bradford community to get through the next few months which will be difficult for all of us and hope that you will make the best use of them.


We appreciate this is a difficult time for you all, for everyone in the country and throughout the world but as the Prime Minister outlined in his latest communication – we can only beat this by working together and following advice from government and health professionals.

Please stay safe and well.

To report a repair, please fill in the following form. Once we have received your email repair request and it has been logged, it will be deleted from our inbox.

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