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Report a Repair?

Before reporting a repair please click here to check which repairs you are responsible for carrying out yourself.

• Repairs – we are now logging and issuing emergency, urgent and routine repairs.

Due to  the current Coronavirus pandemic, please, be advised that our contractors are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines as set by the government.

Empty Properties and Lettings – we are undertaking work in empty properties and vacant properties will be advertised soon.

Gas Safety/Fire Checks and Servicing– to ensure that you remain safe in your homes, we will continue with our programme of annual gas safety checks and servicing for as long as we can. Our gas servicing engineers will ensure they wear a face mask and gloves and the social distancing measures described above will also apply. It is essential that you continue to allow access to this essential health and safety work. We want to ensure you remain safe in your home and these gas safety checks are one of the most important checks that your home needs.

Caretaker/Cleaning Services – are now back to normal.

• Home Visits/Property Inspections – essential home visits and property inspections are now being undertaken.

Please stay safe and well.

To report a repair, please fill in the following form. Once we have received your email repair request and it has been logged, it will be deleted from our inbox.

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