Service Charges

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Service Charges

All tenants pay rent on their homes. However, some tenants have extra services and pay a charge for them. These can include the following:

  • Landscaping communal (shared) area
  • Cleaning communal hallways in flats
  • Fire alarms, emergency lighting, door intercoms
  • Shared lighting for hallways
  • Shared water rates
  • Maintenance and servicing of lifts

Service charges are cost-based. This means that you only pay for the services you receive. If we manage to save money on your services (e.g. we find a cheaper way of delivering that service) your service charge will cost less the following year. However, if we have to spend more than we expect your charge will go up.

If you pay a service charge, we will tell you when you move in. It changes every year at the same time as your rent (the first Monday in April). We will write to give you a month’s notice of the change, telling you exactly which services you get and what they cost.

Landscaping service
You pay a charge for landscaping if Manningham Housing owns land where you live and you share it with other residents. This can include lawns, shrubs, laundry or other communal areas. If you have this service, this is what you pay for:

  • Grass cutting
  • Litter picking
  • Pruning and hedge cutting
  • Weeds
  • Leaf clearing

Door intercoms
If you live in a flat and have a door intercom, you pay a service charge to cover the cost of repairing the system and replacing it when it gets old. There is also a small administration charge.

Shared electricity bills
If you share a hallway or car park with wall lights, you will share the cost of the electricity to pay for this. Your service charge covers the actual cost of the electricity, plus a small administration charge.

Fire alarms and emergency lighting
By law, we have to have these in flats or shared hallways to keep our tenants safe. A variety of people are involved in inspecting, testing and servicing them for us including service specialist contractors. This is what they do:
o Weekly: fire point tests where required, updating log book;
o Monthly: inspection and testing of emergency lights.
Your service charge also covers an administration charge and pays into a ‘sinking fund’. This is used to pay for replacing your fire alarms and emergency lighting when they get old, or lifts and door entry systems.

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