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Value for Money

Value for Money (VFM) at MHA is identical to running an effective social business. Incorporated within our business strategy and integral to it is our approach to Value for Money (VFM). Specifically we set ourselves the following four golden rules:

“All too often when you read Value for Money (VFM) statements, they tend to deliver well-meaning and impressive performance improvement figures when the reality on the ground for most residents is somewhat different. At Manningham Housing we let the facts speak for themselves.
As the new Chair, I am heartened to see that our message on VFM is simple which can be summed up in two of our four golden rules: “Do the right things and do things right”. In a survey of our residents in June 2017, 99% confirmed that our rent offered them VFM and they are in the best position to judge us.
Manningham Housing is not looking to offer just Value for Money but good Value for Money and the Board will ensure that it gives clear leadership in driving and embedding good VFM. This will be evidenced by demonstrating continuous improvement year on year, across all our operations with a clear focus on meeting the needs and aspirations of our residents and key stakeholders in the most efficient and cost effective way.”

Barrington Billings, Chair of Manningham Housing Association

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