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Homes At The Heart

Home has never been more important than during the coronavirus crisis. Now it’s time to put #HomesAtTheHeart of our social and economic recovery.

Everyone deserves a safe, secure, comfortable place to call home. That’s why I’m calling for the government put #HomesAtTheHeart of the coronavirus recovery plan and invest in social housing housing.org.uk/HomesAtTheH

Fight School

The Production Company, Workerbee TV (part of the international Endemol Shine Group of companies) in the U, which makes a wide variety of entertainment and documentary formats for broadcasters around the world – from Netflix, Amazon and Quibi in the US to the BBC and ITV in the UK, are currently in development for an exciting new project called Fight School (current working title) for a major UK broadcaster. The series will see disillusioned young adults, aged 18 – 30, living and training together as they learn the mental and physical dedication it takes to become an amateur boxer.


The sport of boxing is great for helping people focus, connect with their bodies and it is proven to help with people’s mind-sets as they follow a disciplined training lifestyle. For this project, they want to support people who may have found themselves stuck in a rut, caught in the benefits system, mixed up with the wrong crowd or who have found themselves in trouble with the police. Helping them to make positive changes to their lives both in and out of the ring.

 The candidates will not only receive boxing training but will also be mentored as we help them with their life goals and aspirations, all under the watchful eye of a Hollywood Star (whose identity I unfortunately cannot disclose at this stage).

 They are looking for your help at spreading the word about the show to find applicants for this unique experience.

 The idea is inspired by the Hillbrow Boxing Club in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded by reformed criminal George Khosi, the school has not only provided a space to keep local youth off the streets and out of trouble, but also a way of bringing discipline and aspiration to the community’s youth (more info here): (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NExFaVeCOIg


Bursaries available for social housing tenants!

Gives you £500 to help develop your learning & skills to support future employment including books, equipment, travel costs & childcare.