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About Manningham Housing Association

Manningham Housing Association (MHA) is 30 years old this year and has a proud track record of delivering homes and services to the communities in Bradford and Keighley. MHA came into existence in 1986 following a piece of research undertaken into the housing needs of Black and Asian Communities in Bradford by the Bangladeshi Youth Organisation based in Bradford. This research proved that the needs of the South Asian Community were not being addressed and the government and the council supported MHA growing from an organisation with two properties to one that now has nearly 1400 homes and houses over 6000 residents.
With an annual turnover of £8.5 million and a staff base of 32 colleagues we are a small organisation. However, MHA has always “punched above its weight” in terms of achievements and we want our new CEO to help us to regain our dynamism and impact in Bradford, the wider region and the national level. The housing needs and poverty of the South Asian community in Bradford are as great as ever but with the lack of grant and the multiple layers of welfare reform impacts development of large family homes has all but ceased.

Provision of Homes for Affordable Renting and Affordable Owning

We aim to provide good quality affordable homes and services for those in the greatest need in the Bradford district. Over 80% of our residents are of Bangladeshi or Pakistani origin but we cater for all those in need. Our customer satisfaction levels are extremely high and are consistently in the 90% plus bracket – we sum up our ambition in this area as providing a “hassle free” housing service to our customers. We have a high proportion of large family homes and also run a modern sheltered scheme for older residents. We currently manage a number of properties for another housing provider and lease properties from another.

Development and Firebird Homes Ltd

MHA has had a fantastic 30 years growing from humble beginnings and growth and development has been an integral part of our journey. In 2004 a wholly owned subsidiary was formed (Firebird Homes). From its inception to present it delivered over 750 new homes and at one point MHA had the largest development in Bradford. Unfortunately, with the lack of grant now available and the impact of the 1% rent reduction imposed on the sector MHA does not currently have the financial capacity to develop new homes for itself. Our aim is still to increase the supply of homes for the South Asian community but we will do this through influencing and developing partnerships with others. We do believe we will create the financial capacity to develop once again and this will be a key role of our new CEO.